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                  ANTIQUE GUN AUCTION

  What Can You Find at an Antique Gun Auction?

An antique arms auction is a great resource for collectors of all vintages of firearms. That said, it is less likely to find things like muskets than firearms from major wars. This is partly because of simple availability: Thousands of guns are produced or distributed by the major participants in wars, so they're relatively common as far as antique guns go. Meanwhile, obsolete firearms like muskets went out of production over 100 years ago, so even though they were also used in wars during their day, they aren't very common now.

Guns from the world wars are especially easy to get at an antique arms auction. Because of this, would-be buyers often check auctions first when they want to add to their collections. In turn, this makes auctions great places to sell WW1 guns and sell my WW2 guns. It's always easier for both buyers and sellers to use a service that already has plenty of fans, because it makes it easier for them to find each other.

A good auction company doesn't just bring buyers and sellers together. It also handles logistics like ensuring that sellers have true ownership of the guns, picking up firearms from sellers prior to the auction, and delivering the sold guns to their new owners. Some also handle gun registration to ensure that regulations are properly followed.

If you want to sell WW1 guns without worrying about them ending up with the wrong people, Poinsett Armory in South Carolina is a great place to do business. They handle all of the registration requirements, know and comply with regulations for delivery, and more. The same is true when I sell my WW2 guns, and for every other type of firearm they deal with, as well. This makes them one of the safest gun auction companies around.

Poinsett Armory is also a great place to get firearm accessories like safes, cases, scopes, and related equipment. These are also available by auction, so sellers have a great chance of getting a good price for their items. Meanwhile, as with guns, buyers will find that the purchase process is easy. If delivery is required, it, too, is simple and quick.

This auction house also deals with estate gun sales. If you have inherited a large number of guns, you're likely looking for a way to sell most or all of them for good rates. Auctioning them off is the perfect solution. They can all be put on the block on the same day, turning the sale into a full-on event that will draw plenty of bidders who are looking for firearms of the relevant vintages.

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